Head massage Ayurveda treatment

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February 28, 2017
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February 28, 2017

Head massage Ayurveda treatment

Head massage Ayurveda treatment referred as Shiro Abhyanga is a specially designed remedial treatment primarily concentrated on integral points (Marma) of head, neck and shoulders.

The head massage Ayurveda treatment brings calmness, peace and serenity and also offers high level of sharpness and concentration. It also makes a person more capable to face the toughness of day-to-day life with much ease.

The basic material needed for head massage also referred as Shiro Abhyanga is oil. The oil usually mixed in are sesame oil, coconut oil or a herbal oil. The method is to draw up the medicated oil according to the patient or the nature of morbidity. During the Ayurveda Head Massage, Ayurvedic oil is kept for a considerable amount of time on the head of an individual. This is referred as 'Moordha taila' or application of the oil to Head ('Murdhani'  means head and 'Taila' means herbal oil). In other words, Murdhni Taila is a practice of operating medication on head using herbal or medicated oils such that the oil remains in contact with the scalp for a fixed duration of time. This contact period of oil on the scalp is necessary for engendering its benefits.

Some benefits of Head Oil Massage –
  • It de-stresses the whole body
  • Expands the flow of cerebro-spinal fluids, hence rejuvenating the nervous system
  • There is a distribution of toxins from tense and knotted muscles that improves the blood circulation in formerly jammed muscles
  • Productive against eyestrain, jaw ache and sinusitis. It also triggers lymphatic drainage and aids sleep
  • It helps to remove the toxins and other side effects caused by the use of dyes, etc.
  • The massage is beneficial to the hair roots and avoids excessive hair loss

For person of any age, head massage Ayurveda treatment generally proves to be relaxing treatment. Shiro abhynaga done in conjunction with neck and shoulder therapy offers a unique blissful experience.