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February 28, 2017
Ayurveda Potli Massage
February 28, 2017

Body Massage (ABHYANGA)

Swarnam Ayurveda Melbourne

Oil Massage – It is done with respect to the vitiated dosha/humor of the body to pacify it. Oil or combination of oils are used as per se requirement of the body of an individual. Potli Massage – To regularize the body constituents various herbs are combined together and are wrapped in a cloth . Thus is massaged all over the body or where required. These are done to strengthen the body. Powder Massage (UDVARTANAM) – This is done with the help of powders that are exclusively selected as per the body. It is an effective treatment for obesity, skin disorders etc. Head Massage (SHIRO ABHYANGA) - Ayurvedic head massage or Shiro Abhyanga is a specially designed remedial treatment that is primarily concentrated on integral points (Marma) of head, Neck and shoulders.

With the Ayurvedic massage, the stress and toxins are all piled up in mind and body soften and eventually drain off.

A regular treatment of this relaxing treatment has a number of benefits such as: Abhyanga increases circulation in the nerves It tones the muscles and lubricates the joints Ayurvedic massage calms downs the nerves thereby suppressing the stress. It is beneficial in expanding your mental alertness Abhyanga drains off the impurities from your body Ayurvedic massage therapy acts as a beauty agent too as it replenishes skin cells giving you a soft and smooth skin Ayurveda massage also improves stamina and helps with relaxed undisturbed sleep at nights Ayurveda massage offers best results in the morning before your bath so that it smoothes the toxins that might have released during the previous night. At Swarnam, we use herbalized massage oil for ayurvedic massage, tailored specially to protect the skin from radical damage. These herbs are known for their ability to strengthen the physiology and enhance balancing power of mind.