Ayurvedic Consultation includes the thorough knowledge of health intake. There will be face to face consultation with complete individual attention. Very first consultation can take from 1.5 hours to 2 hours as the detailed evaluation helps in knowing the root cause of the problem.



Detoxification of the body not only removes the unwanted element from the body but also helps in rejuvenating and increasing the immunity of the body. It is advised to be done once a year in an healthy individual whereas a proper regime is to be followed in a disease. Many medical conditions are proved to be treated by detoxification .



Pulse diagnosis is the ancient and most appropriate way of determining the body type. Firstly it helps in recognizing the dominant humor/dosha of a healthy person which will help in maintaining it as changing the diet and lifestyle according to the body type restores health. Secondly the vitiated doshas are diagnosed , thus treatment is started to pacify that dosha and maintain equilibrium in the body.



When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use and when diet is correct medicine is of no need. Thus treatments work only if the diet of the individual is managed accordingly. Therefore Ayurvedic Diet Regimes will be suggested according to the body type as well as the ailments.



Treatments are given as one or in combination of herbal medicines, physical treatments, yoga and change in diet and lifestyle.