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There are so many uncertainties when we use medicines that are composed of elements that may cause another side effect in our body. Ayurveda in the field of treating health issues has a bonus of treating issues with herbal medicines that have least side effects; and with specialised treatments that are designed to improve the biological or physiological body processes. Ayurveda bases its treatments on five great elements known as ‘Panchamahabhutas’ which indicate the five elements that have formed all creations in the universe. These five elements are:
  • ‘Vayu’ or air that manifests all possible movement.
  • ‘Agni’ or fire transforms all possibilities and is related to the capacity to digest and transform.
  • ‘Jala’ or water provides the breeding ground for life.
  • ‘Akash’ or Space helps in development and increase in size by providing vacuum.
  • ‘Prithvi’ or Earth gives shape that sense can identify.
Ayurvedic treatment is based on these ‘panchamahbahutas’ that revolve around the entire physical chemical biochemical changes inside the body and thus allows Ayurveda to provide a holistic health solution. At Swarnam Ayurveda, we offer Ayurveda medicine in Melbourne based on a strong understanding of these five elements and the four possible states of Agni that reflect our constitutional makeup. These different states of digestion are sama (balanced metabolism), vishama (irregular metabolism), tikshna (hypermetabolism) and manda (slow metabolism). There are related issues that Ayurveda suggests as ‘doshas’ or the constitutional humors composed of the five great elements. These doshas manifest as excessive or reduced forces of movement, transformation and stability which may be seen as excessive heat or mucosal secretions. With each dosha, there are its symptoms and a proper analysis and Ayurveda medicine health issues can be cured.
For example, excess of vishama (dosha) agni points to digestion and appetite related issues. Pitta dosha which is related to fire and some water element, causes tikshna agni when out of balance. This leads to excessive release of acids and enzymes and we feel like eating more or otherwise the same elements may cause hyperacidity, gastritis, heartburn or even diarrhea.
We offer Ayurveda medicines in Melbourne and Ayurvedic treatments like therapies or massage after a proper consultation with the individual. There is personal attention as well as thorough analysis before any Ayurvedic treatment. For more details on treatments we offer and Ayurveda medicine in Melbourne, visit our services that include Panchkarma for detoxification and rejuvenation of body, Shirodhara and Abhyanga (Ayurvedic body massage)..
Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment for a thorough consultation on how we can help you with Ayurvedic treatment or Ayurveda medicine in Melbourne.