Ayurveda Melbourne

It would be good to know how Swarnam Ayurveda in Melbourne is helping people to take control of their health without much medicines.

For a healthy body, one should always address the issues with minimal involvement of chemicals . Dr Shikha Sehgal recommends herbal medicines and her treatments are taking Ayurveda in Melbourne to the next levels. The combination of treatments like Shirodhara (head massage using select oils) and a round of herbal medicines has treated many patients with goodness of Ayurveda in Melbourne.

Swarnam Ayurveda helps in managing health and treat various diseases. Ayurveda treatment helps a person eat better and treat many symptoms of illness. Few of the top treatments offered by Swarnam Ayurveda in Melbourne clinics at Tarneit and Hoppers Crossing


Shirodhara is one of the healing techniques which comes under the practise of ayurveda. If broken down, then shiro means head in sanskrit and dhara means unbroken flow. In simple words, medicated oil is poured on the head with an unbroken flow thereby justifying this name.

Even though performing Shirodhara can bring about a lot of health benefits, it is often said that there is a time for everything. This treatment is usually recommended for patients who are suffering from hair loss or migraine. During this treatment, a stream of oil is dripped on the head of the patient at a steady pace. It results in relaxation, stillness and calmness to your mind. Apart from treating hair falls and migraines, shirodhara is used as a stress buster, nervous issues, hypertension and insomnia. Its main motive hence is to revitalize the mind and bring a sense of oneness to the body.

There is a table called the Panchakarma table where the patient is made to lie down. After that, there will be a copper bowl hung above the head of the patient pointing out the forehead. Before the starting of this process, a cloth will be placed on the eyebrows of the patient to prevent the oil from flowing into the eyes.

Back pain relief with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been known to cure back pains since decades by the use of natural therapies and methods. The natural element to help relieve back pain naturally and effectively is known as Vasti. In this procedure, the medicated oils are heated which is the active ingredient. It is then applied to the affected area to alleviate the pain. This procedure is done in a particular pattern or frame over the area which pains and for a specific time. There are four types of Vasti which are used in alleviating all kinds of pain and other health issues. They are Shiro (head) Vasti, Greeva (neck) Vasti, Kati (back) Vasti and Janu (knee) Vasti. Let us introduce ourselves with each of these.

Shiro Vasti

It is an ayurvedic treatment focused on pain relief from head. In this procedure, the head is first covered by a cap while it is left hollow inside to retain oil for a certain period of time. The herbal oil that is poured on the head reduces the headache as well as gives the person a sense of calmness for an extended period of time.

Greeva Vasti

This is the treatment done for relief from neck pain. In this procedure, heat is applied to the cervical region by holding the warm medicated oil in a particular frame over that affected area. One of the main benefits of Greeva Vasti is that it cleanses and refines the blood . it also builds and maintains the strength of muscles and connective tissues. They lighten the stiff neck, strain etc.


According to ayurveda, it is highly recommended that you follow a certain programme for internal cleansing of your body at every change of seasons. However, it is particularly recommended to be performed every spring because during that time your body’s natural cleansing and rejuvenating mechanisms kicks in high gear. A proper preparation of ayurvedic detoxification includes three phases namely - preparation, cleansing and post- cleansing.

Kati Vasti

It refers to the treatment of the waist and back of the body by treating it with warm ayurvedic oil. This type of treatment generally involves retention of warm medicated oils over lower back for a specified duration. A herbal paste boundary is formed around this region while the oil prepared carefully from select herbal ingredients is poured over this boundary to ensure it stays for duration of the treatment. It helps to soothe the nerves and alleviate pain.