February 28, 2017
panchakarma detox therapy melbounre
Panchakarma (Detox Therapy)
February 28, 2017

Ayurveda Massage Therapies

Body Massage (ABHYANGA) – Done only when required by the body:
Potli Massage – To regularize the body constituents various herbs are combined together and are wrapped in a cloth . Thus is massaged all over the body or where required. These are done to strengthen the body.
Powder Massage (UDVARTANAM)– This is done with the help of powders that are exclusively selected as per the body. Effective in treatment of obesity , skin disorders etc.
Oil Massage – It is done with respect to the vitiated dosha/humor of the body to pacify it. A single oil or a combination of oils is used depending on the health issue in the body.

Massaging daily with ayurvedic oils is one of the positive ways to unlock the body’s healing ability - cheering your body and mind

Oil Massage enhances the strength of body and it stays in a good shape. Stress experienced by people creates a negative impact on their physical and mental well being - sometimes leaving them depressed. The oil massage enhances the functioning of beneficial hormones of skin that sends a positive therapeutic vibe, thus relaxing mind and body. The endocrine and nervous system gets balanced as a result while affecting those billions of nerve ending points that connect to the entire body from brain to the vital organs.