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Health Care Services for a healthy body and mind with Ayurveda and herbal

Ayurveda Health Consultation

Shikha Sehgal (Ayurveda Practitioner) has vast experience in treating a number of health problems with Ayurveda therapies and herbal medicines. The consultation involves a thorough intake of health condition to offer appropriate ayurvedic treatment in Melbourne.

Ayurveda Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is the ancient and most appropriate way of determining the body type. It helps in recognizing the dominant humor/dosha of a healthy person and maintain equilibrium in the body.


Yoga is a disciplined method of attaining a goal and better managing your mind and body. At Swarnam Ayurveda Werribee and Tarneit, you can call to book for Yoga sessions.

Ayurveda Treatment

Treatments are given as one or in combination of herbal medicines, physical treatments, yoga and change in diet and lifestyle.


Many medical conditions are proved to be treated by detoxification.

Diet Regimes

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use and when diet is correct medicine is of no need.

Ayurvedic Treatment Melbourne

Panchakarma (Detox Therapy)

The objective of Panchakarma is to eradicate the disease from its root. It is carried out to restore the function of 5 sensory organs.



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  • Prince

    I always thanks my friend for suggesting me to come to your clinic for my headache problem. Because after taking your medicine my headache problem is gone and I gained some weight by taking your medicine. Thanks a lot.

  • Ashok

    Thank you Dr. Shikha for your knowledgeable advice and putting me in detox therapy.It really helped me and really can feel the after-effects of it in form of a feeling of lightness and renewed energy. I would highly recommend Dr.Shikha!

  • Deepali

    I'm fortunate to be one of the Dr.Shikha's patient. Thanks to her incredible understanding, patience and care she provided throughout the treatment. She is kind, thoughtful,knowledgeable and has good insight about the root cause of the problem and how to treat it. She put me in right line of treatment and really helped me to regain my health. Thanks Dr.Shikha for your help and efforts! I would definitely recommend her to anyone for all sort of alternate medicines and treatments.

  • Priyanka

    Dr Shikha has been a wonderful and caring doctor. She is very knowledgeable in her work . Moreover she treats you like a friend than a patient . The new facility is very accommodating and easy to access. I was suffering from back pain from the past 13 years and was very limited with my mobility. Dr Shikha performed a series of Kati vastis and I would say that's it is almost better and am able to perform my daily activities in a much better way. Great service and highly recommended.

  • Manjeet

    We had really good experience with dr Shikha and the services you provides are tremendable. My son always get well with your medication and its always very pleasurable to come and see you when ever we need. Never got disappointed with treatment and services.. My son always happy to see his favourite doctor, Dr. Shikha Very friendly environment. Thank you for all the services.

  • Ritika

    Thank you Dr. Shikha for all your help. With herbal medicines and Panchkarma treatment, I have started feeling better. I like your friendly and kind approach and your passion for what you do. Going extra mile for your clients/patients* and the service you provide is appreciated. I would recommend Swarnam Ayurveda to anyone seeking holistic approach to health. Thanks Ritika

  • Pooja

    I had problems with weight and digestion after my delivery. I tried too many things but didn't help. I consulted with Dr Shikha and went for detox plan which really helped me to loose good amount of kgs and have a better digestion since then.

  • Rowena Jones

    I would like to thank you for helping me out in achieving my weight loss goals in a healthy way. I have been feeling well and would continue to take the herbs that you have prescribed me for various health benefits.
    I would surely recommend you with friends and relatives who might be seeking some help with their health issues.

    Rowena Jones
  • Shivani

    Dr shikha, you are a very true and honest doctor.. your medicine really helped me a lot.. you have a very holistic approach . I will always refer your name to my other friends Once again thank you so much for your support.

  • Unnati

    Dr Shikha Seghal is like a friend to me as always gave me the right advice and direction during my treatment. As a Primary symptom I was suffering from a polycystic ovarian syndrome, we started treatment from Dr Shikha Seghal. Once my digestive imbalance had been restored, my menstrual cycle gradually made its return. I am now happy to announce that I am 24 weeks pregnant. I can’t thank Dr Shikha enough for her help in restoring my health.